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Emergency/Crisis Services

East Central Mental Health provides Crisis and Emergency services 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.The service is available to all residents in the catchment area.  Services may be accessed immediately by calling the agency’s Crisis line number at (334) 566-3391 or 1-800-467-1208. 


The emergency services provide the following components:

  • Help-A-Crisis provides immediate crisis response in the form of        
    counseling, intervention, and/or referral.
  • Mental Health consultation typically occurs with, but not limited to community agencies, institutions, and facilities such as hospitals, law enforcement agencies and other professionals.
  • Crisis intervention may be telephone response by a clinician or face to face response by a clinician with a client and/or family that requires immediate clinical assessment/intervention, and/or referral for inpatient psychiatric services.
  • Emergency services provide adequate provision for handling special and difficult cases, e.g. violent/suicidal through interagency consult, law enforcement intervention, inpatient referral, evaluation for those in jail, and/or emergency continuation of medication.


Emergencies are responded to within one hour.