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Regulation Cuts Could Benefit Mental Health Effort

Jacob Holmes

President Donald Trump’s regulation cuts could help the Alabama Department of Mental Health (ADMH), ADMH Commissioner Jim Perdue said Wednesday.

Perdue was the guest speaker on Wednesday to about 50 members of the Health and Human Services Committee of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.

“There can only be 16 beds to a unit,” Perdue said. “Who came up with that number? Why not 24? You’re looking at a 50 percent increase in delivery without really increasing the cost.

“Group homes can have no more than three people right now and it takes eight people to manage care,” Perdue said. “If we could have five people in a group home, we could do more with our money.”

The ACLU in Montgomery has filed several lawsuits against the department in recent months due to long waits for prisoners and the department not providing testing that is required for recipients of Medicare funding.

Perdue, a former Crenshaw County probate judge hired to be the commissioner in July of 2015, said that his plan is to take the unused property that the department owns and make another hospital so everyone can be accommodated.

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