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Annual Board of Directors Meeting 2019

On Thursday, April 18, 2019 East Central Mental Health held its Annual Board of Directors Meeting at the First United Methodist Church in Union Springs.

After a welcome from Union Springs Councilman Stan Cooks and Commission Chairman Alonzo Ellis, Jr., Mr. Don Schofield recognized several employees for their years of service. Ms. Sanquirnet Martin spoke on the value of East Central in the community and the impact it has had on her life.

The following employees were recognized for their years of service:

For five years, Zachary Ellis, Kimberly Foster, Victoria Smith, Cheryl Smithart, and Erica Still.

For ten years, Betty Sue Campbell, Herman Hall, Brenda Lampley, and Jacqueline Hicks.

For fifteen years, Cassadra Bethune and Ruby Deveaux.

For twenty five years, Anita Ellis, Shannon Fuller, Lori Parsons, and Dixie Thomas.

For retirement, Jane Lambert and Ella Williams.